What a day for December 1, 2018, was and there were tornadoes with some snow on the ground left over from the snow storm last weekend. Thursday I called a friend and fellow chaser to talk about Saturday setup. Some models had storms firing in central Missouri but then HRRR had storms firing in IL. So come Saturday morning I get a text from Rich asking me to chase with him and his son Ryan, I said yes and headed to go meet them. We talked with Brian about where our target would be ideal and we agreed on Jacksonville, IL. We ate lunched and looked at models started to noticed storms started to fire with some rotation. As they got closer we saw what it looked like a tornado coming over the tree line very weak at that point. Our first storm ends up dropping 2-4 tornadoes from the same supercell. The next storm was near Beardstown, IL which is the tornado with the blue skies behind it, this photo is probably my favorite from yesterday. The fourth and firth photo of the tornado is near the town of Virginia, IL had some beautiful structure that went with it. The sixth photo was taken near Bath, IL a tornado was on the ground as I took this photo. The last picture was a close-range tornado that literally formed in front of us. RFD was insane and the sound was so neat! I have a video of most of these tornadoes with some neat structure shot with the last tornado in front of us!