David and I knew there was a small window for any supercells but we were going to try anyway. Models for that day was showing a potential for severe storm to a tornado or two later that evening. The location was along highway 55 in Arkansas then west towards Little Rock, AR on highway 64 west. We picked our target for day which was Fair Oak, AR. We sat in that town for about two to three hours before meeting up with some other chasers that were close by.  After the storm started to ramp up we headed back east towards Wynne, AR. When we got to town we shot north to find a open view to look back west to watch some awesome structure move northeast.  As it go to us we head south then back east to catch the second part of it. By the time it caught us it was dark, so we stopped and captured some lightning as it moved towards us. We both had some decent shots from that day. For that being the first chase of the season it turned out pretty well.


More blogs will be posted as I continue going chasing and different adventures either alone, family or friends. Look for the next blog in a few weeks.