Where do I start, do I start on the day of the monster supercell or do I start the day I met the guest in Tulsa, OK with Lanny?


Its June 4, 2019 Lanny and I made our way to Tulsa to meet up with the four guest. Their names were Angie, Mark, Tobis and Trevor. Angie and Tobis are from Germany, Mark from California and Trevor is from Colorado.  I enjoyed my time with all four of them. But I would like to tell a story about Mark before I talk about our chase day on Saturday and the supercell.


So we have a guest with us name Mark, he is mostly blind and deaf but he loves weather just like you and I. I honestly believe he can feel when the storm is close by. We got him his first tornado on Saturday.  He was so excited and you could tell too. He was smiling and it brought joy to my heart.  I’m so glad I was here to get his first tornado. The other three guess also got their first tornado with us.


So its June 8, 2019 the target is clear as day east and to the south Goodland, KS.  So we make our way our way that way north to hope to see a chance at tornadoes. First storm of the day goes up and it was tornado warn as a landspout was reported.  A hour or so later the main stuff started to form northwest of Goodland two landspouts. They were so amazing just watch as they moved away from us.


Later on that evening we watched a LP supercell go over Goodland, we tracked to Brewster, KS and followed it south. While we went south so did this monster supercell  tornado warn storm. It was some of the best structure and lightning ive seen. Let’s hope tour two has the same luck we did on tour one!


Thank you Lanny for asking me to be on tour one and now on tour two.