What an amazing trip it has been the last two weeks. Let me start off with Monday morning when we left our house in Washington, Missouri. We drove nine hours to a town called Mitchell, SD for the night. We rested up and continued our journey towards the Badlands/ Rapid City, SD for the day. On Wednesday we went to the Black Hills to explore the south half of it. Our first stop was Mount Rushmore, what a great visit. I’m glad I was able to witness this amazing sight. We also drove through a place called Custer State Park and in this park there were animals and different cool rock formations. That park was totally worth it. The next day we headed up north towards Spearfish loop, up there we saw some beautiful sights like fall colors starting turn and waterfalls. So the waterfall is called Spearfish falls and it was amazing. On the September 7th, we left the Rapid city and started to head for West Yellowstone,


Montana where we stayed for a few days to explore Yellowstone and what it has to offer. I must say if you have time you need to go to see some of the most beautiful sights out there has to offer. You will see everything from waterfalls to animals. It even stormed while I was there which is pretty neat. Oh, and we had a special treat the last night we were there. Two coyotes were running near the creek and little did I know there was a herd of elk. There were two young ones and two females. Then out of nowhere, we see this male elk with a huge rack. they start making tons of noise and the coyotes ran but I think they hid in the tree line until the male let its guard down. The next morning we headed towards Colorado to stay for two nights and one day.